has created a screensaver from our clone golf club logo. You are welcome to download it and share it with your friends. There are two versions: One that uses Apples's QuickTime player and the other that uses Microsoft's Media Player. The only difference is the QuickTime version is of higher quality, but a larger file to download. (And you need to have Apple's free Quick Time player installed.) You can pick whichever you prefer. Each file is a self-installing screen saver. Just download the one you want to a folder on your harddrive and then double click on it. The files are large, so be patient when the installer is copying the screensaver to your screensaver folder. You must have Windows 98 SE or newer for it to work. [see an example of screen saver] [Addition Technical Information] [Click here for our desktop wallpaper]

clone golf clubs screensaver
Warranty, Disclaimer & Copyright Notice: This screensaver is given without any warranty of any kind. We are not responsible for any damages you may experience from using this screen saver. It is given away "as is." We guarantee it to be "virus free" only if you download it directly from If you get it from any other source, you should run a virus scanner first before installing it. All copyrights retained by You may distribute this file to others, but you may not modify it in any way. You may not reverse engineer it, nor use any portion or image from the screen saver for any other use without express written permission from You may not distribute it as part of another package without express written permission from Enjoy the free golf club screen saver! also invites you to check out our Golf Club DNA Double Helix "It's in the genes" Merchandise Store where you can buy Golf Polo Shirts, T-Shirts, Hats, bags, mouse pads, posters, calendars, a clock, and other stuff with the CloneClubs Golf Club DNA Double Helix logo on it!